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How to avoid Spam and Scam mail on your WordPress site.

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Recently one scam mail nearly tricked me. Since I’ve started opening my website on WordPress, I realized how many scams and spam emails receiving daily. Mostly it is about traffic advertising on your account, but some of them are very tricky like a job or internship offer, and your web account fee.

I used to work as a fraud specialist from one of the most popular companies and heard many complaints from customers. Based on real experiences, I can introduce some tips to keep your WordPress Website happy and healthy!

Email: What to trust, what to avoid?

01.Do not click the Hyperlink!

First, from your WordPress Website or Social Network Site such as Facebook, they try to collect your email, name. Then, they will try to get more information from you, such as Facebook log in to hack your account.

Even if the email comes from your bank, phone company, or other bill related, if there is a link to Log in to the site, do not use those links! If something wrong or worry about the email, just go to your company website directly, and log in to your account to check your status or contact customer support. Even the email is not spam, just to be safe I would not click any hyperlink unless the second verification code sent to your phone or email from the company.


If this is spam email, they can steal your information, as soon as you try to log in.

02. Do online searches!

If somebody offering the job, try to search for their name, email address on search engine first. I usually type multiple cases like, “ email address + scam”, “ Company’s name + scam.”, “ sender’s name + Scam”. Most of the time, the victim who had a similar case, they would reporte their complaining somewhere like spam report. If you do not see in the first search, you might find a few days later, so try to check a few times if you feel something wrong. You can trust your instinct.


Below is the website where you can report Scam.

The Federal Trade Commission: File complain

This is a government site. is where you can report international scams and learn about other steps you can take to combat fraud.


This is a free consumer-driven website.

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03.  Learn their tricks.

It is extremely helpful to know what type of scams are popular these days. If you have any doubt, you can start checking these things first. Especially, all freelancers should know Job scam!

5 scams that are fooling even the smartest victims

Employment scams are common, and you don’t have to be jobless to find their offers enticing. Many of their targets are the unemployed or underpaid eager for a change of pace. No matter what the location or time of year, scammers find a needy victim with bills to pay. 

Mailed Check: In this scam, you apply for a job and get a response. Your potential employer mails you a check. It’ll be made out to you for $500 or so. Of course, that should be a red flag. Why would they pay you before you start working?  Read More

Cashier’s Check Scams

Cashier’s check scams almost always involve someone giving you a genuine-looking check or money order and asking you to wire money to them or send them goods in return. After you deposit or cash the check or money order and send the money, you learn that the check sent to you was fraudulent.  Read More

04. Talk to someone.

When you start dealing with someone and encounter an uncertain situation, it is the time to get a second opinion. It does not only cool you down, and also you can find the best solution. 

It might be easy to start talking to your friend or family first. Then, you can consider to reach out to more help from professional.

For money related issue, your local banker will be the right person to consult. If it is the account-related, you can also talk to the company’s customer support.

05. Block spam on your WordPress site.

There are a few approaches that you can prevent getting spam mail on your WordPress site. If you get a lot of spam in comments, you can check your general setting on your WordPress site. Also, there are many plugins that you can install to avoid Spam on your WordPress site.

How to block Spam in comments

Comment threads are one of the first areas that are targeted for spam; this is where spammers can post links to their spam sites and other less-than-desired information. Read More

Here is the list of popular Plugin in 2019.

1. Akismet

2. Anti-Spam Bee

3. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

10+ Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress 2019 

 Read More

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