Product Design

Based on customer needs, I design products user-friendly. I am good at creating intuitive user experiences and visualizing ideas.

I will concentrate on creating a product that will be useful to customers while also being a good fit for the company.


The steps of the product design process:

  1. Defining the product vision 
    It’s essential to have a clear business goal that you want to achieve with the product.  We can discover it together.
  2. Do Background Research
    Good user research” is key to designing a great user experience. I will investigate the key issues that may influence the product design specifications.
    *User Research Basics |
  3. Brainstorm Solutions
    I will search features as many ideas as they can to address a problem statement in a facilitated.
  4.  Prototype and iterate
    I will start with the hand-drawn paper sketches and build some prototypes.  Then, test and modify until it works.


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